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Oct 1, 2014

Grocery Distribution at Day Care Centre

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Senior Citizens paid Benison on receiving Grocery

  • Senior citizen is the citizen belonging to the age group of 60 yrs and above.
  • Grocery provided to the senior citizens living hardship life with no proper source of Income.
  • Day care centre provides assistance to the needy senior citizens. 

Indore: Day Care Centre celebrates the distribution of grocery with the senior citizens where they use to distribute the budged grocery of rs.1000/- to each particular individual every month.

The group of “being responsible “is the social group founded by Mr. Atul Malikram which ever believes in innovating things and comes up with the new idea of creating a society as an NGO where they can help the needy peoples for the social welfare so for the same all the members of the board get together in a proper meeting and brief regarding their activities.
Grocery Distribution at Day Care Centre

Senior Citizens are the people of old age who belongs to the age group of 60 yrs and above. This stage of age is the old age which consists the ages nearing or surpassing the life expectancy of human being and thus the end of human life cycle. Old people often have limited regenerative abilities and are more prone to diseases and sickness other than younger adults. The study of diseases that afflict the elderly is geriatrics. The elderly also faces other social issues such as retirement, loneliness and ageism.
Old People are especially vulnerable to loneliness and social isolation which can have a serious effect on health but there are ways to come up loneliness which can be possible if the younger people like us decide to take a step in the welfare and in support of old peoples.

Many times we come to see that younger generation disobey their seniors just because they became old they do not provide any attention nor even care for them. Looking for the same the group of being responsible started a project as Adopt a Grain for the senior citizens where they are been provided with the grocery which is all about adding joy to the lives of these senior citizens.

The idea behind the distribution of grocery is to help senior citizens for fulfilling their basic needs and requirements so that they can never feel helpless and frustrated.
Mr. Atul Malikram president of being responsible always thing on a large scale for the betterment of Senior Citizens. He reacted to his happiness and said.” I am very happy to see that all the veterans coming here have shown curiosity in learning new subjects of the modern age, and we at day care centre try to provide maximum facilities to them. We have been successful in our endeavors till now, and are confident to continue with the same spirit in future also.”

About being responsible

Being responsible is a social group of Indore city, aiming to provide various social services to the society. The group is running the following activities at present:
  1. Assistance to needy senior citizens by providing grocery
  2. Day care center I & II
  3. Physiotherapy center
  4. Free medicines distribution by mobile van "Main Hoon Naa:
  5. Indian Senior Citizen Award 2013
  6. Indian Senior Citizen Award 2014
Our future projects:
Opening of Old Age Home.

For more information, please visit
Atul Malikram, amg24x7@gmail.com , Voice: 9755020247


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