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Oct 20, 2014

Our Turn to Fulfill our Duty as a Citizen and Give a Helping Hand

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Our Turn to Fulfill our Duty as a Citizen and Give a Helping Hand 
By G.Gayathri

Life in Visakhapatnam is slowly coming back to normal, thanks to the government’s quick action and efforts. In this aspect, the efforts of the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Shri N. Chandra Babu Naidu are worth praising and imitating.

The government is doing everything possible to bring back Vizag to its formal state and even better than that, making changes that are favorable towards the development of the place. But we as the citizens of this country have our own responsibility too to make things better, and if we co-operate and extend our helping hand to the government, things will gain a faster pace.

Many citizens are seen volunteering themselves to help the officials in the restoration work and in making the city clean and this is a good and welcome change. But, the damage that has happened is severe and we need more helping hands. Voluntary organizations should also lend a helping hand in making things better, if each citizen at least one person from a family comes out and tries to make the place in front of his home clean, the city would be neat and clean in no time.

Youngsters should come forward, form into a group of four or five and should try to make their street or lane clean or at least they should help the people who are doing the work. The city is ours, the state is ours, and the country is ours, we are the future of this country and we as a citizen, have responsibility to give a helping hand to the Government to make things better at the earliest possible. Not to favour someone, but to do good to our own selves and to make our life better.

We should feel proud that today’s youngsters are responsible and have a sense of social responsibility. The damage that has happened is beyond any estimates and it is expected to be a minimum of fifty thousand crores. It is highly impossible for any single state that too newly formed state where even the capital has to be developed to bear such a huge amount, it will not be easy for the central Government either to bear all the damage.

So, we as citizens of this country should lend a helping hand in making things better for our fellow brothers and sisters, we may belong to different states and places but we are all sons and daughters of this country, and we have responsibility towards our fellow brothers and sisters. It is a good sign that all the State government officials have contributed their two days salary to the Chief Ministers relief fund. Many people belonging to the film industry and other industries are also coming forward and extending their financial help to make things better.

We each one of us should do whatever we can to help the government to make things better. If we can afford giving money we should do that, if we can give services for free we should do that, in that way if we act as a responsible citizen everyone would prosper. The contribution that we make may be even a rupee but it will make things better, because small drops of water make an ocean. We always blame our system and politicians for the way things are, but now this is the time for us to act as responsible citizens and help our fellow brothers and sisters.

So, as Swami Vivekananda said, it’s time for us to Arise and Awake and to fulfill our duty as true citizens. Those who are interested in making contributions can send their donation to.

Chief Ministers Relief Fund
A/c No. 909010035184192
IFSC Code UTI B 0000008
Axis Bank
Begum Pet


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