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Oct 17, 2014

Shri N. Chandra Babu Naidu A True Leader

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By G.Gayathri

If the head of the family is a competent person, that family will prosper. If the head of the city or village is a capable person, that place will prosper, if the head of the state is a competent and capable person, no matter how worse the situations are, that state will prosper. And no matter what and how the circumstances are if people stay together and help each other in crisis and in difficult times they can overcome any difficult situation.

This fact is again proved in Andhra Pradesh and in Visakhapatnam. Andhra Pradesh is a newly formed state and has many challenges to overcome.

Visakhapatnam city of steel, and a city which was to be developed into a smart city, but nature had its own plans and severe cyclone hit Visakhapatnam in the form of Hud hud and changed the face of Vizag.

N. Chandra Babu NaiduBy utilizing technology and information government saved the lives of people and they were successful in this aspect.

Mr. Chandra Babu Naidu acted liked a head of the family, gave moral support to the people of Vizag by staying there and clearing things and bringing them to normalcy at the earliest and record time. He demonstrated practically how one should deal with disaster weather in state or in any other situation.

He showed that working towards the solution of the problem and trying to make things better is the best way to handle any problem instead of worrying about the problem.

He also demonstrated the way a head of the state or a country should act in time of crisis or disaster. Even now he is seen only talking about the future and how we should work together to bring things back to normal and then start working towards making Vizag a smart city.

He proved the fact that if the leader is capable person he can bring everything in order and can erase the word impossible by his deeds.

We salute your Leadership spirit and Hats off to the way you handled the entire situation. We wish that the dream and vision you have for the state will turn into reality and you continue to take the state in a progressive path.

But the destruction of properties that was to happen has happened which is beyond any ones control and the loss is beyond measure. Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited the place and declared immediate help of thousand crores and said that he would do everything possible to get the city back to normal.

Chief minister Chandra Babu Naidu acted like a leader and not a politician, he took charge of the things in Visakhapatnam, started coordinating people of various departments and made all the officials work and run along with the clock.


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