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Nov 21, 2014

Steria and Raincode join forces in a privileged partnership

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RaincodeSteria and Raincode join forces in a privileged partnership

Steria, a leading provider of end-to-end IT-enabled business services, and Raincode, a leading supplier of programming language analysis and transformation tools, announced today a new partnership to offer strong IT services for customers who have chosen to implement Raincode’s technological stack.

In the context of Steria’s Global Legacy Modernization offer “RightModernization”, Steria and Raincode have built a privileged partnership to promote and deploy Raincode’s rehosting stack to customers considering legacy modernization towards a Microsoft environment as a strategic option.

The Raincode stack adds technological value to this offering as it consists of a comprehensive solution to move legacy systems off the mainframe and re-host them in a homogeneous Microsoft environment & infrastructure.

This additional stack helps reduce costs, improve flexibility and secure the future evolution of the modern IT landscape in terms of current disruptive IT trendslike mobility and cloud. Applications (COBOL&PL/I) can be migrated automatically, and moreover, the Microsoft Visual Studio plugin provides a comfortable and productive development environment to facilitate application evolutions directly using the target technology, .NET.

In combination with Steria’s end-to-end IT services capabilities, from applications and data totesting andinfrastructure, modernization projects will be executed withrobust project management and governance, integration and deployment expertise.

Darius Blasband, Raincode CEO: “Some legacy computer applications have technical dependences and run on systems and infrastructures that are now or will soon be unsupported. These applications are critical to the business core activities and must be updated. Raincode’s role is to migrate these applications onto more robust, modern and supportable environments. We are pleased and honored to work with Steria, with whomwe share values of creativity, openness and respect.”

Philippe Calvet, Steria Group – Service Lines Director: “We are happy to count Raincode among the privileged partners of our “RightModernization” offer. This partnership will be a catalyst for companies searching to move away from legacy mainframe environments and willing to adopt standard Microsoft technologies. The solution created by Raincode will not only enable our clients to save money but will get them ready to adopt current and future IT paradigms. The joint forces of a global integrator like Steria, offering end-to-end IT services, and Raincode, will prove to be key to unlocking business value for our customers.”


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