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Dec 25, 2014

Trendy Tampa Tech Startup Viralstyle.com to Accept Bitcoin

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Just in time for the Holidays, Viralstyle.com is jumping aboard the hottest sleigh in the world of currency – Bitcoin.

On Christmas Eve and the final day of Hanukkah, Viralstyle will allow customers to use the digital currency to purchase custom apparel.

The Tampa tech startup now joins some of the biggest companies in the world. Tech giants Microsoft and Dell accept Bitcoin. The same with online retail superstars Overstock.com, TigerDirect and Newegg. Even Madiera Beach, ironically also located in the Tampa Bay area, is striving to become the world’s first Bitcoin city with 80% of its businesses accepting Bitcoin.

Unlike traditional currencies, Bitcoin is not backed by any government authority or central bank. It exists only on the internet and is "mined" by powerful computers that solve complex math puzzles.

Viralstyle is a crowdfunded, print-on-demand, e-commerce platform that allows anybody to create, sell and distribute custom products worldwide. Viralstyle boasts an impressive design team that helps marketers bring their ideas to life. From there, Viralstyle has taken the hassle out of inventory, printing and fulfillment of products.

Viralstyle is also a major sponsor for the Bitcoin Bowl. Central Florida battles NC State in the bowl televised by ESPN, December 26 at 8 PM. Viralstyle will design and produce special t-shirts for the game.


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