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Jan 2, 2015

New Year’s Resolutions are Made to be Broken, UC Browser Survey Shows

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​​​UC Browser
New Year’s Resolutions are Made to be Broken, UC Browser Survey Shows
New Delhi, Delhi, India

  • Survey findings highlight that more than 50% of respondents from North India break their resolution in less than a week
  • Pursuing dreams and losing weight are the most popular New Year''s resolutions across genders and geography ​
​​​UC Browser, India’s number one mobile browser with over 40% market share as per StatCounter, has released an interesting survey on New Year’s Resolutions. Conducted with intent to highlight the various aspects of New Year Resolutions and how people in India respond to them, the survey draws insights from over 4,500 respondents from different parts of India. The survey was carried on the UC Browser along with their other social media channels.
  • (67%) Believe that sharing with friends help them to keep the resolutions longer
  • (40%) Have the urge to break their resolution in the first week itself whereas 30% of the respondents follow them for more than a month
  • (17%) Respondents said that quitting smoking is one resolution that they haven’t been able to keep over the years
  • (80%) believe in keeping NYR as a genuine motivator
  • (69%) Respondents were male
More than 65% of the respondents from South India are able to sustain their New Year resolution for less than a month
The respondents didn’t mind breaking resolutions to lose weight, exercise and study more at all

According to this survey, nearly 80% of the respondents believe in New Year resolutions but eventually fail to keep it. A massive 70% of respondents believe that telling other people about their resolutions will give them more chances of fulfilling them.

The survey further reveals what New Year resolutions mean to the respondents. As per the survey, 46% of the people believe that New Year is a good time to pursue some resolution seriously whereas 30% of the people think that a New Year resolution is just a good-to-have topic to discuss or share with friends on social media and other platforms without much serious intent. 42% of the respondents were from the age group of 20-30 and 28% were from the age group of 10-20.

When it comes to resolutions, not many people (54%) like keeping more than 1-2 resolutions whereas only 28% of the people keep more than 2 resolutions. Age also plays an important role when it comes to New Year’s resolutions. The survey also found out that 54% of the respondents kept their first resolution when they were a teenager. It was further revealed that the respondents didn’t mind breaking resolutions such as to losing weight, exercising and studying more due to reasons like laziness and peer pressure.

The survey also show interesting insights based on demographics; Women in North India were more fitness conscious with 35% of the female respondents wanting to lose weight; whereas for only a miniscule 6% of the total female respondents in South India the top resolutions was to lose weight.

Commenting on the survey findings, Kenny Ye, Managing Director, UCWeb India, said “Our survey for the India market has highlighted interesting facts about New Year's resolutions. Interestingly, contrary to what we have heard so far, most people who make New Year’s resolutions actually keep them. As the most popular mobile browser in India, UC Browser is a good platform to conduct surveys that offer insight into the country’s public opinions and sentiments”.


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