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Feb 2, 2015

Give me Five Questions - Please?

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BJP' s five questions
Photo credit:  ibnlive.in.com
There is series of 'Five Questions' quzz everywhere from Delhi to Goa. BJP put five questions to Aam Admi Party (AAP) for Delhi elections. Why Congress should calm of the issue? So, it came put 'Five questions' to BJP in Goa.

BJP asked the question the AAP and media has all the five questions. But, Congress's five questions set for BJP is not disclosed, it has prepared but not unfold the cards yet. Seems, Congress party has assigned its top brass leaders in the assignment to prepare these questions.

One thing is missing in the five questions, are these questions has any relation with Common Man,,,may be not. Here, I would like to pay tribute to 'Common Man' , the great cartoonist  R K Laxam, who is no more. In the field of journalism he left is mark for ever.

Lets come to main topic of five questions sets.There is one more question about these 'five questions'... why only five.. why not 10 or 20? Who is stopping anyone to raise questions? Recently we celebrated 66th Republic Day and we have many questions for the leaders those ruled us for nearly 6 decades.

Parties have been ruling the country and so as the people electing them for these time. A lay man may have questions, but the drawback is he or she has no voice.. means party or any power? Another interesting about this - just like game shows - question will remain but other things will change.

Will the parties be raise these questions once the election are over? If yes, then we are in true democracy, and if not then election, politics are just eye wash.


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