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May 16, 2015

Goibibo gets listed as the 2nd most Popular Brand

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Goibibo gets listed as the 2nd most Popular Brand
New Delhi, May 15, 2015: Goibibo.com, one of India’s top three online travel aggregators has been recognised as the second most renowned digital service brand by Brand Equity, an Economic Times vertical, as per their brand survey 2015. The survey is an annual activity hosted by the publication with a unique methodology to capture the names heading consumer preferences. The leading online travel player that registered as one of the Most Exciting Brands 2015 has won tremendous acceptance and appeal among customers for its quality of services with its mobile app clearly pushing the envelope in its category.

Most Exciting Brands 2015 scrutinised the leading 100 brands across several genres among a particular age group. The publication was keen on gathering feedback from consumers who belonged to the SEC A household, in seven cities including Bengaluru, Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Pune and Chennai. The collectibles for the survey were gathered from the youth in between the age group of 15-26 years, via interviews conducted at graduate/ post-graduate colleges, business parks/ offices in each of the cities. Goibibo.com sealed its position in this survey that included brands covering verticals from Accessories to Personal Care.

The basis for the study was built on The Economic Times’ most trusted brands survey. The respondents were asked for their rating on the most familiar brand on a scale of 10. Post the entire session of gathering choices across the cities, the Brand Equity team along with The Economic Times Brand team, listed six main points for selecting the most exciting brands across the genres.

The attributes for the Study included:

1) This Brand sets the owner or user apart as a trendsetter

2) This is a Brand to aspire for

3) This Brand is fun/lively

4) This Brand has got style

5) The Brand does exciting advertisements/ Events/ Communication

6) This brand is Edgy/ Irreverent

Keeping these attributes in mind, the field work was mapped with brands that cover relevant categories of service that are mostly accessible by the youth. Each brand was evaluated by 210 respondents. 189 brands were pre-listed prior to taking the survey ahead and were found to be the most preferred.

The evaluation was further processed by a Quantitative method on a four point scale which tested respondents on their familiarity with each brand. The four point scale included attributes like:

1) I have not heard of this brand

2) I have heard of this brand, but know nothing about it

3) I have heard of this brand, and know a little about it

4) I have heard of this brand and know it quite well

Calculating the final rating basis the average scores collected from the respondents, the final list of exciting brands was presented, in a direct comparison of the brands.

Goibibo.com, one of India’s top three online travel aggregators has captured significant mindshare in the market within a very short span of time. Innovation and speed that have driven Goibibo’s brand DNA have helped it scale new vistas in the travel category, achieving high growth figures through its unique consumer offerings.

The recognition by The Economic Times’ Brand Equity further confirms its popularity among end users in terms of brand salience and loyalty.


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