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Jun 7, 2015

Do you have two minutes for Maggi?

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Do you have two minutes for Maggi?
By P Neelakantha Achary, 
Editor, Business News This Week

Maggi is the popular food item India, no doubt about that. Ask any layman, you will get answer a best dish to serve in just two minutes. Hardly do many of us thought about the food safety standards and its limits. Thanks to media, otherwise we would have been continuing – two minutes food item - Maggi food as we have been doing for long.

At this point of time, we missed to judge it completely. Even we did not spare two minutes to think about its impact on health let alone on kids. Interestingly, there was discussion on maggi and food standard on news channel. One panelist in the programme backed maggi as safe, since she has been eating from her childhood. Now, she is adult and no health complaints at all. She got a good reply from the moderator that “thank God..Your alive”….

Ridicules, to hear such arguments in favor of a product that consists 17 times of lead, a chemical that is considered as dangerous, than permitted level. Being a media person, I do judge all the sides, without which the conclusion or view would be partial. Many of us are just ignoring food standards. Why we not to think about it before serving a dish that could be hazardous for us.

It’s not about going against one company or a group of companies, it is about our health. The big question raises that why this product is being sold in the market, and who gave the permission. Now, one-by-one states are in state to ban it from the market, which I believe could have done much before any media brining the matter into limelight.

The fourth pillar – media, once again worked as guardian of our society. The action of media is in the interest of common people and their health. And, it will be ever praised by the people of India. A two minutes story on Maggi, made all of to think about it – Two Minutes before serving it in just Two minutes.

Jai Hind


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