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Sep 29, 2015

Give your soul a Dancing Therapy

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dancing therapy
Meditation is the basis for all inner work. One of the best things that one can discover is a dance meditation. Dance Movement provides the conditions for learning, growth and healing through compassionate, embodied awareness within a therapeutic relationship.  There's a dancer in each and every one of us. Freeing ourselves to refocus inwardly and in community allows us to see who we are, and so this will be a complex but at the same time a simplified process of self-discovery.

As we connect to the direct experience of our embodied being, we awaken our somatic intelligence and begin to know our true nature. Dance reflects an individual’s patterns of thinking, feeling and communicating. Dancing is a means of self-discovery. It is a form of art where the body is the instrument. Dancing is a universal language of liberating your body, mind and soul, from your conscious awareness to deep down within your subconscious mind. Dance offers not just as a creative outlet of expression, but also to release pent-up emotions. Trust your body knows what it's doing as you breathe, listen and receive – allow your body to be an extension of you.

Transformation takes place when the individual is ready to make changes in his/her life and look within to find truth, and authenticity. This unique moving meditation is designed to assist you in accessing your conscious, subconscious and unconscious minds to release any physical, mental, emotional and spiritual blocks for healing through the intuitive movement and natural flow of your body.

Dance meditation is about getting in touch with our emotions, and our spiritual essence, and expressing that energy through our physical movements. To explore different aspects of ourselves,we can dance with a variety of musical styles, including jazz, rock, classical, and international music Regular practice of dance meditation can help phase out tension and anxiety from your life. This allows your mind to expand and your spirit to soar, thus helping you unleash feelings of positivity and joy in you. Jazz is essentially the father of all dance styles. The movements that characterize this form are very isolated, staccato and linear. Hip-hop emphasizes rhythm with a strong beat and the poetry of movement. Steps mostly move in a vertical direction. This form should be very stylized and enigmatic. A Zumba Fitness program fuses hypnotic Latin rhythms and easy-to-follow moves to create a fun workout that is more like attending a party than a dance or exercise class.

The concept of dancing is something strongly associated with gods. For example, Lord Krishna and his beloved dance the dance of love in their sacred Vrindavan gardens.  Lord Shiva, often personified as the dancing Lord Nataraja, is capable of dancing a furious dance that brings about massive amounts of destruction.  Performers of Indian classical dances often consider their art as a form of worship.  As a matter of fact many of the Indian classical dance forms have developed and flourished as a result of such traditions of learning, teaching and performing dances in temples.

Dance is not only Language; it is also "listening." Listen to the sounds of the waves within you. Not only the mind is free of outside world, but you also get a good sleep. After the sound, music, and movement stop, then enter into silence. In this silence one can absorb the qualities evoked during the dance. This is the most important part of the dance.

(The Writer, MS Kimaaya, is a certified trainer for Zumba and knows more than 20 styles of dancing. Worked with various renowned choreographers, Kimaaya runs CLK Dance Institute in east delhi)


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