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Sep 23, 2015

Kurmi Community to support Mr. Hardik Patel in Bihar?

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Reservation politics is back in India, it could be the core topic in Bihar, where assembly election to be held. The reservation system is not new to Indian politics. It certainly built many leaders over in last six decades. It is time for Mr. Hardik Patel to gain some momentum from the same trump card in Indian politics.

Mr. Patel will address many rallies in Bihar in support of Kurmi Community demanding reservation for them in Other Backward Community (OBC). However, the close associate of Mr. Patel made it clear that they have nothing to do with the ongoing political race or campaign in Bihar.

Interestingly, the chief minister of Bihar also belong to Kurmi Community, who said to be supported the movement of Mr. Patel and Patidar Samaj for their reservation. This could be another interesting deciding factor in Bihar assembly elections.

The first Kurmi caste association had been formed in 1894 at Lucknow to protest against the police recruitment policy. Mr. Patel picked proper state at right time to push his movement. This could be another landmark judgment in his career after agitation in Gujarat that made him popular in short span of time.

Reservation is only an issue of employment for community candidates rather it sentimental perception. The history of Kurmi community shows that it has been active in Bihar elections since long. Many leaders took support of the community in elections. This time the issue –the reservation for the community will also weigh high on Bihar assembly elections.

It is noteworthy that the central government made its stand over the reservation issue. The entry of Mr. Patel in Bihar though not for political purpose but it certainly have higher degree of impact on the assembly elections.

In the days to come, many leaders may come forward to capitalize the issue of reservation for Kurmi community and other communities as well.After all election means several issues related to voters and their development and sentiments.

On the flip side of the reservation issue, it is political parties those are going to pay for it – playing with the issue as results may favor or go against. But it is win-win situation for Mr. Patel, who is going to get the support of Kurmi Community in Bihar.


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