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Oct 6, 2015

Eco Recycling Ltd launches E-waste Mukt Bharat

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E-waste Mukt Bharat: Swachh Bharat’ launched
India is home to a mammoth magnitude of e-waste arising mainly from the abandoned, obsolete or broken electrical or electronic devices. Thanks to India’s fast increasing load of e-waste originating from household consumption, enterprises and imports. All these put together, India’s E-waste is expected to grow to 20 million MT by 2020 from 3.2 million MT in 2015 consisting of monetary value of recoveries from e-waste to the tune of USD 4 billion (INR 25,000 crore) and expected to touch to 20 million MT by 2020.

A Social Drive called as ‘E-waste Mukt Bharat: Swachh Bharat’, hopes to contribute to the Prime Minister’s Mission of ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’. Ecoreco envisage setting up 100,000 “Eco-Bins” across India in educational & spiritual places to facilitate individual and other small e-waste generators to ‘Deposit e-waste for Disposal’ with ease, effective & economic way of provide robust ‘E-Waste Collection Centres’ to the masses, so that every item of E-waste generated, be it a chip board, mobile handset or a mobile battery, can be thrown in allocated areas at various destinations.

Eco Recycling Ltd (Ecoreco), a BSE listed Company (Scrip Code: 530643) is India's first and leading professional E-waste Management Company. As the industry pioneer and market leader, Ecoreco provides an end to end seamlessly integrated solution for e-waste management to Multi-National Companies (MNC), Indian Multi-National Corporates (Indian MNC), other Corporates, Retailers, Bulk Consumers, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), Government Departments, NGOs, Households, Philanthropy Organisations, Educational Institutions and all other entities willing to discard their e-waste in an environment friendly manner.

Founded by Mr B. K. Soni, Chairman and Managing Director of the Company, Ecoreco has ISO 9001, 14001 & 18001 Certified Facilities. To meet the international standards and practices, Ecoreco preferred technologies from US, Europe & Japan to develop India-centric solutions. Ecoreco has developed its in

house technologies for recovery of Precious and Rare Earth Metals from the complicated e-waste, Recycling on Wheels Facilities for Data Destruction and Lamp Recycling Facilities for on-site & off-site services amongst other value added services.

Today, Ecoreco boasts of a unique business model that has evolved to meet changing customer needs and regulatory requirements of the India’s e-waste management industry. Its end-to-end services start from Removal of the asset from the client’s premise, Inventorization, Packing, Reverse Logistic, Data Destruction, Asset Recovery, Dismantling, E-waste Recycling, Lamp Recycling, Precious Metal Recovery, Extended Producers Responsibility (EPR) Implementation, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Enabling on pan India basis as well as in other neighbouring countries either directly or through its association with World Class E-waste Recycling Companies.


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