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Oct 1, 2015

Is there a method in the B School madness?

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Mr. Adarsh Khandelwal, co founder, Collegify.With each passing year we’re interacting with more aspirants approaching us to assist them with Business Schools applications. If we are to analyze recent data shared by leading publications we can reach the conclusion that there has been a dramatic drop in the number of people taking the CAT exam and a rise in the number of those taking the GMAT. Why is that?

Studying abroad is a decision that a lot of students and their parents are taking more often! Getting a Masters degree abroad is not only considered more prestigious and valuable in the job market but also more lucrative in the long term. Deciding to study abroad is definitely not an easy choice, but is an opportunity to jump at because it will give you the chance to grow both personally and professionally. Within the Indian framework there are only a handful of top Management institutes that provide a holistic education required at Business School. As more options open up across the world, we’re finding Indian students make avail of these opportunities and getting accepted at the
highest rank programs.

If you’re someone aspiring to apply to the very best Business School’s in the world, what

are the questions you should be asking yourself?

 What is the process?

 When is the right time to apply?

 Where does ones focus lie within the premise of an application?

 What are the financials involved in the entire process?

Every school has its own unique culture, which often can mirror or complement your own working style and preferences.  Do you like a school with a competitive atmosphere, for example?  Perhaps this feeling brings out the best in your performance, with classmates pushing you to achieve your goals. The different specializations offered by the US B-schools are Marketing, International Business, Corporate Strategy, Operations Management, Finance, Accounting, Computer and Information Systems, Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management. Most students would grab the chance to join any of the aforementioned specializations.

Before applying students should check the authenticity of the university. Simply getting through could not really help in future prospects. Students should do their complete research. It’s very important to see the background of the college and the last three years of recruitment procedure. Not to waste time, students are advised to start their research fifteen months prior admission.

Some Facts you need to take care of:

• Percentage of candidates rejected at top 20 B-schools with a 750 GMAT score: 18.3%

(Globally); 39.4% (Indian)

• Percentage of candidates at top 20 B-schools with a 600-650 GMAT score:  29.6%

(Globally); 7.4% (Indian)

• Percentage of candidates rejected after B-school interviews at top 20 B-schools: 27.3%

(Globally); 42.5% (Indian)

An MBA from a prestigious business school opens up doors to exciting opportunities in the industry of your choice across the world. Increasing number of professionals are opting to go to Business School for fast track career growth, change in industry and arm themselves with the tools to rise to top management positions speedily. Demographics can heavily influence the atmosphere at business school.   Any way you size up the various schools, rest assured there is a match out there for you. In addition to culture, there are the curriculum differences to consider.  Make sure you research the
coursework and expertise of a particular school to make sure they provide the academic preparation you need.

Each school’s application is different. One school might have a different focus in the essays or a unique component. Usually, these details are indicative of the school’s culture and values. For instance, Wharton recently added a team interview component to its application to make sure candidates would be well suited to group projects once they enter the program.

Finding the right fit in a business school can be as difficult as finding the right spouse! In both cases, compatibility is sometimes both tough to define, yet critical to success. As prospective students spend the summer evaluating business schools in search of that ever elusive “fit,” it’s worth reviewing some general guidelines before embarking on the search.

There are a few factors, which are critical in the admissions process to most leading business schools.    B-schools in the US follow a very comprehensive evaluation procedure for admission. GMAT score, academic records, work experience, SOP, recommendation letters, participation in extra-curricular activities and interviews are some of the important bases that a candidate is evaluated on. Whether it is Harvard Business School, Stanford Business School, Columbia Business School, or MIT Sloan, the target is the United States if it’s MBA on your mind as your next study course.

With over 100 top leading business schools alone in the country, the United States is the leading business school centre. Over 80% of the candidates prefer the US as their study destination for MBA, with UK and Canada falling in second and third places.Depending on the various rounds, one can apply. Round 1 for admission starts from July, followed by Round 2 in September and then in February. So the earlier you apply, the better it is!


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