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Nov 24, 2015

Turkey shoots down Russian Fighter Jet; Putin terms ‘stab in back’

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Vladimir Putin
In a major setback to anti-terrorism operations, a Russian warplane was shot down by Turkish F16s on Tuesday in Syrian border. President of Russia Vladimir Putin termed it as ‘stab in the back’ and he warned there would be serious consequences over Russia-Turkey relations.

Two pilots however ejected from the fighter plane, which hit the ground after it was shot down by Turkish F16s. As per the latest reports, one pilot was reportedly killed while parachuting from the flight while another was reportedly under captive.

This incident is going to be a big blow for the anti-terrorism operations as being a NATO nation, Turkey. Media reports suggest that the plane was on Syrian border when it was shot down. The tension between Russia and Turkey could escalate further following this incident. However, Turkey clarified in the NATO’s governing body meeting, which was convened after the fighter plane was shot down, that the Russian war plan violated Turkey airspace.

Over these allegations, Russia denied that the plan did not violate Turkey airspace.


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