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Mar 30, 2008

Good News : BPOs in Semi Urban India!

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Imagine that you would find high-rise buildings, cabs and fashionable youth in semi-urban areas nearby you. That would be interesting to have such activities in semi-urban India, those are unlike metros and urban areas. In future, the BPOs may move their operations to semi-urban areas. Probably, such move is enough to change the fate of the nation. Soon BPOs will open operations in semi-urban areas and will boost the employment generation activities. HDFC bank would move it's BPO activities to semi-urban areas by hiring about 2000 people in he days to come.

The semi-urban areas are now being developed and the people are too busy in developing their standard of living and maintaining life style. The BPO operations in these areas would definitely an advantage for the native youth, as they will have more employment opportunities like in urban areas. Career aspirants migrate from semi-urban to urban and metros to make their career. Now the career aspirants belong to semi-urban would wait for the venture of such operations which will give them handsome income and opportunity to maintain metro life style at their native place. If everything go well then potential semi-urban India would become major hub for BPOs and KPOs operations. It can be expected that the such operations may reach to rural India too.


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