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Jun 26, 2008

China and India are similar nations with contrasting ways

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The comparison of two Asian giants – India and China would be an interesting to know. The two countries are waving the signal of growing economies in the world. India economy aims to touch its double digit GDP rate but sad reached dual digit in inflation recently.

The GDP was at impressive rate at 9 per cent during 2005-06. Despite huge population, China has managed to maintain the double digit GDP rate, which is enough to foretell shine of the economy. The two nations are receiving good FDI which in turns gives a positive impact to the economy. The boom in IT sector in India made this into a favorable destination for investors.

But China is ahead in terms of attracting FDI than India. The China is very strong in the field of manufacturing sector. The geopolitical aspects of these two nations are the factor determines the peace. Some times investors face constrains with Indian slow policies, where as the fast implementation in China is advantage of it.

The population living in poverty in India is high in comparison to the China. Certainly, the China economy is ahead of India, but it could be expected that India economy would touch fastest growth in near future.


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