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Feb 25, 2009

Obamas speaks on outsourcing: India’s concern

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The President Obama’s first speech in the Congress brought concern to Indian corporate world. From the beginning it was speculated of having any anti-outsourcing policies in US after the election.

It is clear that in the time of recession, the time would be more difficult for Indian companies. The outsourcing service providers might have approached for alternative sources of income if the outsourcing comes to a halt for uncertain time.

Those companies need to focus on the other sources of income and find out new traders for their products and services. Indian companies have been earning around $ 64 billion from the outsourcing.

It is not clear that when the recession going to end but certainly the strategy of outsourcing unit in India might change. The world is under the grip of global meltdown, Indian companies are on target.

However, the current fiscal 2009 would be very tough for Indian companies in the world. Companies are getting the hints of future danger signals in various installments. The job loss would be higher if the recession does not ease in stipulated time.


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