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Mar 4, 2009

Indian General Elections 2009 and Indian Economy: An Overview

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The Election Commission has declared the polls dates, and election is triggered into the country. Political parties have started their evaluation over their equations and budget to meet the election expenses.

Political parties have more funds and they can face election. Party fund and its proper utilization will be their priority. They chalk out the polices and campaign styles to reach people of the nation. The voters will judge their capabilities and read the report card of the existing leaders.

It is the judgment of the voters that will decide the fate of parties to the seat. But only after the election their judgment will have impact on the economy too. Before the election there are tendencies of declaring populace polices. The reality of such polices flash only after the elections are over.

General elections held once in five year and sometimes the mid term polls. The expenditure of election will have impact on the economy too. How strong the economy but excess expenditure on election should be avoided. It is burden on the economy.

The last five years of India was tough and the coming five yours or tenure would be tough for any government. There is recession in some major economies and world is under the grip of global slowdown.

It does not matter which party will rule or come into power, the matter is how those parties are prepared to tackle the global slowdown. The house session in last five years was full of interesting news in fact, some reports quote about the most bunked MPs of India. Some media reports highlight the wealth of MPs in India.

It would be interesting to see that the coming tenure of possible government would be filled with more challenges. The pressure of inflation is being eased and great respite for the parties, still there will be blame games in India. Issues will be like; terrorism may be given high priority by parties. It’s up to the voters to choose the government, and elected government should have wider options to protect common men and industrialists from the impact of the global slowdown.

Another major factor would be the rate of job loss due to the global slowdown. The situation has been getting worse day by day. It would a tough time for the coming government to maintain the job loss rate in India. The election would be filled with more and economic related issue than mere politics, as the world is under global financial crisis and India economy is badly hit.


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