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Jul 21, 2010

20 Major Stock Exchanges of the World

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Investing in stock market is not easy task for many, and also not so difficult for lay man. Any one who know the stocks, market, fund and companies can invest. The wise and safe investment is the best way to keep yourself healthy whenever the market crashes or stock market tumbles.
According to World Federation of Exchanges many companies have listed with stock exchanges in January 2010. The impact would be high on the volume of shares and market capitalization. In January 2010, 10,403 companies were listed in the stock exchanges of America - Bermuda SE, BM&FBOVESPA, Buenos Aires SE, Colombia SE, Lima SE, Mexican Exchange, NASDAQ OMX, NYSE Euronext (US), Santiago SE and TSX Group.

In Asian region, 21,845 companies were listed with the exchanges - Australian SE, Bombay SE, Bursa Malaysia, Colombo SE, Hong Kong Exchanges, Indonesia SE, Jasdaq, Korea Exchange, National Stock Exchange India, New Zealand Exchange, Osaka SE, Philippine SE, Shanghai SE, Shenzhen SE, Singapore Exchange, Taiwan SE Corp, The Stock Exchange of Thailand and Tokyo SE.
In Europe - Africa - Middle East region, 13,923 companies have been listed in January 2010 with the exchanges - Amman SE, Athens Exchange, BME Spanish Exchanges, Borsa Italiana, Budapest SE, Cyprus SE, Deutsche Börse, Egyptian Exchange , Irish SE, Istanbul SE, Johannesburg SE, Ljubljana SE, London SE, Luxembourg SE, Malta SE, Mauritius SE, MICEX

NASDAQ OMX Nordic Exchange, NYSE Euronext (Europe), Oslo Børs, Saudi Stock Market - Tadawul, SIX Swiss Exchange, Tehran SE, Tel Aviv SE, Warsaw SE, and Wiener Börse.
Here we have listed the 21 top exchange of the world as per the Market Capitalization in 2009.
New York Stock Exchange(USA)
Tokyo Stock Exchange (Japan)
Euronext (Europe)
London Stock Exchange (England)
Shanghai Stock Exchange (China)
Hong Kong Stock Exchange (Hong Kong)
Toronto Stock Exchange (Canada)
BME Spanish Exchanges (Spain Spain)
BM&F Bovespa (Brazil)
Bombay Stock Exchange (India)
Deutsche Börse (Germany)
Australian Securities Exchange (Australia)
National Stock Exchange of India (India)
SIX Swiss Exchange (Switzerland)
Shenzhen Stock Exchange (China)
Korea Exchange (South Korea)
NASDAQ OMX Nordic Exchange (Nordic Countries - Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden)
JSE Limited (South Africa)
Taiwan Stock Exchange (Taiwan)
Borsa Italiana (Italy)


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