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Oct 28, 2010

Bihar Assembly Election 2010: What will be the equation?

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People of Bihar are franchising their votes for the Bihar Assembly Election 2010 to select their favorite leaders. In the last election in 2005, the Muslim-Yadav equation did work, but may not this time.

In Bihar the situation has been changed unlike 2005, development and good governance could replace the voting or swing vote equations. The political parties in Bihar have been changing their pre-alliance and post-alliance strategies for the election.

Major political parties in Bihar are JD(U), BJP, RJD, LJP, NDP, INC, BSP, CPI, SP, and others. These parties and their campaign definitely attract the attention of voters.

In the last assembly election, JDU(U) got 88 seats, BJP got 54 and RJD 54. But, certainly the current election will change these figures. The role of the RJD and Congress (INC) would be crucial in this election.

The election to be completed in six phases, so far three phases of polling are concluded and the rest three will be concluded in November month on 1st, 9th, 20th.

Counting to be started on November 24 and the day will declare the mandate given by the people to form the government in Bihar. And the election in Bihar to be completed by November 26.


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