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Aug 19, 2011

Do you support Anna Hazare?

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Do you support Anna Hazare and the version of Team Anna -Jan Lokpal?

Why not? The Gandhian leader who stand firm like 'Gandhi' the father of the nation in the struggle against corruption dreaming a corruption free India, three true independent India, I call.

For 40-hour there was standoff between the Team Anna and government, finally the government had no other option, but Anna Hazare also greed to stage fast at historic Ramlila Maidan in Delhi.

On Friday, he statesman started his protest from the historic Ramlila Maidan, where Ramdev Baba and his supporter were cracked down by Delhi police earlier, which drew the attention of media and a sub-judicious matter now.

Anna Hazare is firm so as the people of the country to bring back the other version of the bill Jan Lokpal no the government version of Lokpal Bill in the Parliament.

The Gandhian leader was allowed to fast for 15 days at Ramlila Maidan in New Delhi, that said the government has 15 days of time to re-think on it. This time tremendous response from the people across the world will force the government reconsider the other version.

People are not only on the street, road but also in the cyber world too, the dominance of the social networking sites too filled with requests spreading and appealing support of Anna Hazare.

I never seen the British rule in India, but in video, films and serials. That time could be similar to this, I believe. What I like much about the movement is the interest of the people joining hand for the protest.

It seems that the whole India is united against another revolt for corruption free India. Hazare, a true leader, who fought war against Pakistan as army now ex-army, now waged a war against the corruption.

I believe the corruption in India caused huge damage to India since here independence since 1947. It there was strict rules, we would also in par with countries like Singapore, Japan, those fought back and achieved the development.

I support the true leader, and appeal reader to support the Team Anna to fight against corruption. It's in the interest of us, people of the country and for the generation that is going to be the feature citizens of this beautiful country called 'INDIA' - Jai Hind!


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