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Sep 20, 2011

miim's Innovative Course on “Image Management” - First Time Ever

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Press Release: Indore: Science of managing communications between an organization and its key publics to build, manage and sustain its positive image. It comprises of the activities and policies used to create public interest in a product, person, idea, institution, or business establishment.

For Developing global standards for social media measurement, further education of the Image management profession miim (Malikram Institute of image management), M.P only stand alone Image institute with the prime objective to nurture industry ready and high quality image management professional by providing hands on practical training to them.miim is a only image management training academy which offers 100% job guarantee to students even they have started their season.

Spreading miim is Atul Malikram the doyen of miim with an experience of 6 years of hardcore PR. He was the distinction of new paradigms to practices of PR in India. Many of the today’s acclaimed PR professional trained by him. He is opened his knowledge resources to train the next generation of PR professional and create a valuable talent pool.

The PR business is one such avenue which has experienced tremendous growth.miim’s main focus is to train the PR aspirants in the corporate warfare and equip them with the most lethal weapons in the field of communication. miim’s will not giving any degree or diploma to student but it will provide job after the course and helped to those student who are insecure for their future so because of miim they will achieve the goal of their life.

11 months course classes will starts from 1st December 2011, miim will provide a very different culture, atmosphere and the teaching method to student, whole day classes, fully devotion for studies, as the area of theoretical knowledge is very limited you will never get fully knowledge in management field by theoretical base that’s why we believed to provide more & more knowledge by practical methods to students Where The students will get a feel of all aspects of Image Management including the nuances of Strategic thinking, Crisis management, Client servicing, Media relations, Research and data interpretation, Marketing communications, Digital PR, Social communications which are critical to a complete and full understanding of the professional requirements of the business.

For students of image management in India there are plethoras of opportunities. They can be employed in public sector, private sector, hotels, hospitals, banks, tourist agencies, consultancy firms, and a host of other places. All organizations big or small, local or international, private or public can benefit from good public relations. Image management Professionals are in high demand these days.

People who have good communication skills, analytical mind, patience, good organizational skills, resilience and the courage to handle crisis can find their dream jobs in the communications industry.

For further information please log on www.miim.in contact Atul Malikram at info@miim.in or you can call on 9755020247.

For more details please coordinate:
Phool Hasan


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