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Nov 28, 2011

Impact of 51% FDI in Retail Sector in India

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The recent move to allow foreign companies in the retail sector has been opposed by the opposition parties in the Parliament. The both the houses of Parliament were adjourned in the morning till the noon demanding discussion over the FDI entry into Indian retail sector.

The UPA government recently allowed the foreign companies to have foreign direct investment in the retail sector. The impact would be laud and clear on the economy. Foreign companies will invest in the sector to take the advance of the vast consumer market in India.

The domestic retails or shop owners might be affected due to the decision over the FDI in the retail sector in India. As multi-brands will be available in many cities and consumers will prefer the best quality and service at the shopping mals.

This will be another revolution in shopping segment, as the shops having traditional approach will be affected, on the other hand the big shopping retails will be getting the advantage. It is the important to hear the version of the UPA government over the move for FDI in retail sector.

No doubt it will generate money to tackle the economic slowdown in the country or recession sort of situation in India. But the big question is that is this is the way to have capital formation in India to keep the Indian economy fit, fine and healthy.

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  1. After allowing FDI in Retail Sector in India all should become a slave to the FDI, all ready the FDI came to India but now they are asking to India to sign and accept the prison .....