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Dec 23, 2011

Day Care Centre started at Indore

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Press Release

Indore: The leading social organization of Indore, being responsible ever believed in doing some thing new. This time they have come forward to form a platform for senior citizens of the city, where they can spend their day time  with each other , in a healthy atmosphere . Day Care Centre Situated at 148 B Mahadev Totla Nagar, Ring road Indore was inaugurated on 21st December 2011 in presence of seasoned senior persons, in a traditional way. The auspicious lamp was lighted before the goddess Saraswati and prayer was offered.  
 Members Mahadev Totla Nagar Day Care Centre

“Opening of Day Care Centre was in my imagination, for a long time, and I am happy that today I with support of my team, could succeed in inaugurating the centre”, said Atul Malikram, President, being responsible.

“One may ask me as to what necessitated me to start this platform, so for the question raisers, my simple answer is that  the senior persons require more attention, particularly in their families, in day time , but when they observe that they are  being overlooked , they are frustrated and look at those, who can understand them and their requirements. Day Care Centre is aimed to serve senior citizens through Library, Audio /video systems, computers, internets and games . The centre at present will be open between 3.30 to 5 p.m., where the members of centre will be engaged in different activities.” added Malikram.

The inauguration programme witnessed presence of retired senior citizens from various sectors, like Banks, Income Tax , Insurance, Hospitals, Education and many more. Persons were seen discussing in groups on commencement of Day Care Centre, and almost each was happy to find a platform, where they can share their experience and need with others.

being responsible,  besides Day Care Centre,  runs the following social activities also:

  • Helping poor girls by bearing expenses on School fee, books, stationeries, Uniforms. At present, around 25 girls are adopted for the purpose.

  • Arranging of free medical camps at Schools.

  • Distribution of water pots (Sakora) and Jowar in summer seasons, so that birds can eat grains and drink water at the much needed time.

  • Provision of groceries to needy senior citizens.

  • Awareness campaign for AUTISM.


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