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May 29, 2012

Vision is the core aspect of Business

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As the story goes, once a sales man of a shoe company was sent to a place, where no one neither knows nor uses shoes. This person thought, it is impossible to sell here, and turned back. Another person was sent to the same place, on the same job, he went there studied the people and thought, excellent opportunity, this is where I can do great business. Here is the need, no one is aware, if I can make them aware, my job is done. And that person really did great business.

 This is the difference between a person with a vision, and a person without vision in business. To quote a person of recent times Bill Gates is a visionary person. He could actually visualize as to how computer technology can help people in life in various ways. Result? We can witness all around us. Person with a vision can create his own market and can become an exemplary leader for others to follow. To be a visionary in business field is very important.

All business is based on four-letter word “need” and needs differ according to time, place, situation, and person. Looking at the speed technology is advancing today, no wonder if today’s luxury becomes tomorrow’s necessity. As per varying lifestyle also people need different things, more advanced and more qualitative. “Future” is the keyword. If we can see through the eyes of our clients and shape up new products and services that match their future needs, take it for granted, you will be number one.

People are investing millions and billions in research work, what for? Think for a while, they are laying foundation for better future. If people were satisfied with what they have, there would not be any kind of advancement, in any field, nor in our lives also. Every day there are more number of inventions in every field. New medicines and vaccinations are being developed for various kinds of diseases. More technically advanced products of various kinds are available to fulfill our various kinds of needs.

All because of vision. Cell phone that we use today, computer, television, what not every thing that we use is somebody’s vision. Vision is the most important aspect in business. And a person who is a visionary will be an exemplary and successful person.


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