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Jun 18, 2012

Business tips: How to Deal with People?

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Business is all about dealing with people. As long as you are good at dealing with people, establish and maintain good relationships, you can become very good entrepreneur. Business is basically an art of dealing with people. A good customer base is necessary to run any business in long term. And people always come back to those with whom they have good relation and are reliable persons.

Every one wants to be treated as some one special, and people tend to do business with those who make them feel special and important. The other person may be your partner, or client, but you will be able to establish a good relation with that person, only when you make him feel that, he is an important person or he is special, and you consider him to be important for your growth. Well, it is not at all necessary that to establish a good relation, you need to do flattery or involve yourself in artificial appraisal.

Every person will have some good quality if not all. Just try figure out that, and compliment genuinely. People may not, at times understand your words, but people definitely understand feelings, so give genuine compliments. Whenever you find that some one does a good job, he may be working under you, or may be your peer, but always compliment him. It is easy for people to find fault with some one and most of them are good at it, but, there are only few people who never miss out on a chance to compliment some one for the good job they have done, and they are leaders.

Use the words thank you and sorry frequently. Whenever you feel that someone is worth thanking for, for what they have done sincerely thank them, if possible thank them in front of every one, it has better impact, and when ever you feel that you made a mistake keep aside your position, age, or experience, and sincerely tell sorry. These words are simple, but have lot of impact, when they are told sincerely. These words when used properly on time, backed with feeling they are capable of making a relation strong. If at all there arises a necessity to correct some one, especially when he is the one working under you or for you, do it privately in your cabin, but not in front of every one.

Great leaders in business field, and other as well, have always encouraged people. People who spread cheerful and positive atmosphere are the ones, whom people would like to be around. Always try to encourage people to perform better, to be more skilful, to improve themselves professionally and personally. When you make the people who are working for you, feel that you are a part of them, and you are interested in their growth and welfare, and you consider them to be important in the growth of the organization, they will be more productive and efficient.

If the one you are dealing with is your client, even more it is important for you to speak positive and cheerful words. The secret of a good business is its people, because it is people who work for you and it is people who are your clients. If you are good at relationship with both of them. You don't need to run for business, but people will run after you to do business.


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