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Jun 2, 2012

Positive aspects of Competition

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Knowing our self is important in life, but knowing others are even more important for our survival. The same applies in the field of business also. In every field, until and unless there is competition, our potential will not be exposed, and the best results will not come. Today we find there is cut throat competition in every field. And what keeps one a step higher, than the other, is the attitude and quality.

Is it, not enough, if we know the work we are doing, and are trying to be more qualitative? Definitely not, today the need to keep a track of the market trends, competition is more important than anything else. Every one is trying to be more productive and qualitative, and pursuing numerous ways to offer more and better services and products to the clients, in their respective fields. If you want to survive, it becomes a must for you to know and study them.

Knowing about competition is not a wrong thing, but a right thing to do. Who is your competitor? Well, every one who is ahead of you in productivity and quality and is setting trends is your competitor. What do you need to know about your competitor? How is he able to attract more clients than you, is it his quality or quantity of work, or the way he is dealing with clients, his way of approach, any thing that you can learn from him to make yourself better.

Only when you study the market trends, and competitors, you will be able to know our standard of work. When we know where we stand, we can take steps for improvement. Most important aspect to be considered is what are your strengths and weaknesses, when compared to your competitor. Definitely not everyone has everything; there may be some important quality that differentiates you from him. May in some aspect you are better than him. May be you have time advantage, place advantage, it can be anything. You need to do a careful study and when you know your positive traits; you can take advantage of them.

It is only because of competition, and a positive competitive spirit, we are able to get more and more better and qualitative products and services. Only when competition is there, we will try to better our knowledge, improve our standard of work, and do everything possible to improve our organization and ourselves. So competitive spirit and competition is necessary in every field and because of it every one improves and benefits.


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