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Jun 21, 2012

Shopping Mall: Think and Spend Wisely

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By Jyoti Parida

In this fast paced life how everything is getting modernized and people are having very less time to spend with the family. So by keeping these criteria in mind these big malls have been created. So it is one stop shop. Inside these malls one can get clothing, fooding & entertainment.

How these shopping malls are trying to attract people. Basically on the weekends its traffic is being very jam. I mean the meaning of MALL is Mai Aapko Loot Loonga. And how this is being done I am going to explain it step by step.

When you enter into a multi-storied shopping mall from ground floor to the last floor it is full of numerous retail stores, food courts, multiplexes; entertainment zones. They give so many offers to attract people and also discounts on clothes.

But people never think about the profit or loss they are bearing from these shopping malls. They simply go by listening the offers. I think that the offers they are giving that are not on the fresh items but on the remaining & old stocks.

Then if we really want to buy some old stuff then we can get it from outlets and in very less price from that of the malls. The same is for the food products also. When we buy biscuits, chocolates, soaps, pulses or any other items then you may see the offers are not on all items.

If they are really interested in giving discounts then why not in all items why only on selected products. So, from this we should learn that how for their profit they are attracting us. Now after shopping you may go for some entertainment by going to multiplex or you may choose the games zone for your children.

In the multiplex the movie tickets always varies. In the games zone the rides charges are very high. And the games that maximum children playing are all electronic games. There are no games that they can play physically, that they usually play in the public parks.

If a child will play for hours in front of the computer then he is only concentrating on that game other than that he is doing nothing. But when children play in the park they are not sitting, but they are running here and there and learning so many physically games and simultaneously they are doing exercise, which is very necessary for them in now a days.

So no parent is having interest to think that whether the games their children are playing is good or bad for their health. They are only maintaining the fashion that everybody is following. Now- a- days, it has only become a fashion to visit the malls do shopping, eating in the food courts, children playing in the games zone or watch movies and etc.

But can you think that a middle class family can afford these malls offers? I don’t think because of the high charges. From this we must be clear that these offers are for the high-class people not for the middle class people for whom money really matters.


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