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Jun 13, 2012

Training is Core Aspect for Sucessful Business

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Training is an essential aspect of any business organization. According to the nature of the business or nature of the organization, training may be necessary only in the initial stages of the job, or whenever new responsibilities are assigned. There are some other fields like It or medical, or some other professions where training is required on a regular basis. This will be due to technical advancements in their respective fields.

Until recent times training was not considered to be an important aspect of business organization. But now with changing times, policies, reforms and technological advancements training is becoming a must in every field. If a person is assigned a new job responsibility, or has joined a new organization, training is required so as to make him acquainted with the new job responsibilities. The post may be similar and the person may be experienced in his job. But if the technical features are different, or more advanced or the policies of the company or organization may vary, these are the times when training necessity arises.

There are people who consider training to be waste of time nothing else, but imparted in the real sense, and the person who imparts training and the person who undergoes training knows its value, then the results will be just astonishing. Training is given to some one, either to improve his knowledge, may be technical or any other to make him perform his duties better.

Not every person is a top performer, people's performance varies according to their attitude, skills etc. If a person's performance is not up to the level and if proper evaluation is done as to find out the reasons, then if he is lacking technical skills they may be imparted by training. Or if the problem is with the attitude then counseling may be given and he can be enrolled for self-development or personality development training.

There are different kinds of responsibilities associated with different levels of job, some involve pure technical excellence or skill, and where as other jobs require pure personal charm. These are the kind of jobs that need more communication skills, listening capabilities, convincing capabilities etc. The skill one requires differs according to the level of his job or the nature of the job. But for any thing training can be always imparted to make one better as a person, so that he can perform better at individual level, and better his attitude towards job and otherwise, or to improve his technical skills as per the job requirement.

If training is imparted on a regular basis it helps one to refresh and remember the knowledge he already has, and to acquire more knowledge as per changing times and situations. This way the organization and the persons both benefit in the long run.


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