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Jul 2, 2012

Fasting and its Benefits

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To go back to the history of fasting, the practice of fasting is many centuries old. It has been described in the Bible, in the old temples of Greece, Egypt and all Mediterranean countries, the sick were treated with the help of fasting. It has also been used to treat chronic diseases since ancient times.

People in so many countries have practiced fasting for the benefit of religious, moral, political and health causes. In case of India Mahatma Gandhi can be quoted as a person who has lived this. It is only since last few years people started believing that food is very important to maintain energy and fitness levels.

Fasting is not limited to humans alone, animals also fast when they fall sick or when injured even during normal conditions also. Fasting for the animals is of greater importance and a necessity for their survival. Some times during drought or other climatic conditions animals have to remain without food for so many days in such conditions they are capable of protecting their life without taking food for so many days.

For more than one hundred and fifty years health promoters and naturopaths have used fasting as a means to improve health and reduce illness and there are also thousands of testimonies across the world to prove this fact also. Only those who have little or no knowledge of fasting and its importance oppose it.

People who are conscious of their mental and physical well being should not ignore fasting, as this is an important means to improve health, provided you know when and under what conditions you should start and stop fasting and when you practice it under the guidance of capable and experienced guide.

For more details on fasting and its benefits please refer the book "Fasting a unique remedy for a hundred ailments".


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