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Jul 4, 2012

Human body - how to treat?

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Like all the natural gifts that God has bestowed upon us like air water etc, human body is also a precious gift that we have. But sadly, like we neglect & show careless attitude towards all natural gifts, we continue to show the same attitude towards human body also.

Most of us tend to treat our body like the way we treat and use any other article or appliance. We tend to show negligent attitude under normal conditions and when something goes wrong, we attend to it and then get back to our normal practices. For all the articles or machines that we use, we have annual maintenance, scheduled so that it works well and lasts long. But when it comes to our body we tend to take it for granted and live in an illusion that nothing will happen to it.

But the truth is under the conditions we live in today, no one can ever expect, as to what disease will attack and when we will suddenly fall sick. So as we have Annual Maintenance for things, we should lead a disciplined life style, for us to lead a healthy life. Perfect health can be achieved when there is right balance in proper sleep, diet which includes qualitative organic food items and food supplements, right kind of exercises as per the body’s need and good and healthy mental condition.

It would be wise on our part to start taking care of our body when it is normal and healthy, instead when everything runs out of our control, and we become helpless.


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