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Jul 20, 2012

Lift Others – Lift Yourself

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There are a few principles, that successful people always follow that differentiates them from the rest of the people, and one of them, is to encourage and help people progress in their life, let it be in personal life or professional life. Most of us are busy worried about our own progress, in personal and professional life, and we don’t think it to be necessary to lift other people who are struggling their way up.

You may be at any level of the organizational hierarchy, but still you have a role to play when it comes to lifting others. You may be working under someone, and someone may be reporting to you, but still you are dealing with people all the time. Most of the times we spend time criticizing others, but rarely do we feel the necessity to lift and encourage others. But, if you want to grow as a person, professionally and organization wise, it is very important for you to take care and contribute towards the growth of the employees or your peers.

Always encourage people through your words and deeds, to improve themselves professionally or otherwise give them the guidance, to your level best, as to what they can do to make themselves better. When you discourage someone with your words or deeds and feel jealous about his or her progress, please remember that the harm you are doing to yourself is more than the harm you are doing to them. Life’s law is simple, you get back what you give to others, you give encouragement and you receive it, you help others on their way up, you will get your share of help, when you need it.

You may think, may be I will help people when I am in a better position, but remember, in spite of your position when you have this thought of lifting others and developing others, the sooner you adapt this thought, the sooner you will climb up our ladder of success. So lift others and get lifted, because it is the way life’s principle works.


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