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Aug 21, 2012

Is economics almost completely determinative of political issues?

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Political economy has been reflecting the activities and policies of the society as a mirror. In regard to the political system, it has been affecting the economy and economics. And the micro economics is not though touched by the political changes or issues.

Political issues in a nation are enough to affect the economy and economics too. In a macro economic system, the political decisions always affect its result. In a welfare society where the protection to industries is less and welfare majors are given more priority. Where as socioeconomic conditions are based entirely on political development and goal of the political government.

Politics is all about running government for the welfare of the state and its people. And when there will question of economics or understanding the economic condition of the state, the political decisions will be evaluated first to know the status of state.

Political issues in a state are the major factors those would bring many changes in the society. Political activities or strength of political parties make a country healthy. On the contrary, the political issues (internal) should not aim at harming the country or its administration.

Of late, the corruption has been the core issue that many governments and states have been tying to get rid off. A corruption political intervention in the government activities could damage the financial status of a state or country.

A country, which has been involving in war or civil war, might not be healthy in terms of economy. In such countries a proper and strong political movement can boost the economy from downward to upward by taking necessary actions to stop war or domestic unrest.

It sounds good to say that economics almost completely determinative of political issues.


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