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Aug 19, 2012

Mobile Phone Boon or Bane?

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Well, is knife a useful instrument, or a weapon? Depends on the usage, a mobile with all the stuffed in features, and applications, is definitely a boon when used properly. But, in the hands of a perverted and sick mind, it can be dangerous instrument. We have seen many instances, where in, videos are taken; photos are taken, only to misuse, and to harm someone. But it can also become an instrument to reveal truth and can be a thing of evidence, if used properly. Take for example electronic media, it can be used as a tool, in undercover operations, and can become a source of evidence.

Coming to the usage of mobile as a phone, it has its own set of advantages, you can use it anywhere and everywhere, all the knowledge and information of the world is your pocket, you can access the world once you connect yourself with internet over phone, you can use it as a source of entertainment, listen to songs play movies, videos, it can be your library on move, you can educate yourself, listen to lessons over mp3’s, audios, videos on development and for that matter any topic of your interest.

Staying at the comfort of where you are, at any part of the world, you can talk to your near, dear and needed ones. You can conduct a conference over phone, with all the people at a same time, at whatever place they are, but, there are also people, who, in spite, of their need, keep talking over mobile phone, or keep chatting, just to pass time. It all depends on the person, who is using it; it should not be given to children as a playing instrument, because of its radiation and harmful rays that have ill effects on the tender body and mind.

Even for adults it is warned, not to keep mobile phones near heart, and other delicate areas in the body where its rays have destructive affects, when one keeps on talking over mobile phone for long hours, it is proven that it has bad effect on the brain. When given to students and college going people, you should guide them, as to the advantages and disadvantages. Well, it is a boon for those, who know when and how to use it use for the good and for the benefit of the self and for others, it is a destructive weapon in the hands of a person with bad intentions.


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