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Aug 27, 2012

Need of Reservation in India

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Reservation, what was it meant for? And what does it mean now? This is another best example, of today’s corrupt politics, and it is also a proof, of the fact that, personal and party interests are above, public interests. At that time when reservation system was brought into existence, there was, financial imbalance in the society, as till then, a particular section of the society were holding all the power and money, and the other section were denied that, and were ill-treated, they were denied the scope of financial and otherwise development and respect in the society.

Reservation system, was brought into existence, so that the other section will also be given a fair chance of growth and respect in the society, financially and by all other means, and it was meant to last for a period of time, so that by that time this section will grow in equal competence in all sectors to the other section of the society. But what is the result of prolonging, reservations even after the due period, it is showing its negative consequences, the situation has become the same again, but on the reverse.

The financially well off then are now financially backward, and the financially backward then are well off now. But still, the problem remains same, same imbalance in the society. One rich other poor, one dominating and the other dominated. The genuine and good purpose, behind the act of bringing reservation is forgotten and selfish needs and interests have taken its place, Will there be end to all this, some day, and will there be balance and prosperity, yes, definitely, when there will be an end to the selfish needs, and society’s concern and welfare will dominate all selfishness, then definitely, people of country will prosper and the country will prosper.


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