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Aug 9, 2012

Should Youth Join In Active Politics?

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Yes, youth should join active politics, to change the way, political system is functioning today, and to give a better future, to the coming generations. The role of youth, in any country, and in any revolution or to bring about a drastic change in the society, against the current system, has been very important and phenomenal.

It is only when fresh talent has come, or a revolutionary thinking has been adapted in any field, that the system has changed for the better. Fresh minds, full of zeal and love for the country and its people is the requirement of the hour, in political system, today for India. It is youth that have guts, to come up with revolutionary ideas and steps, to change the way things are working in the present political system.

Criticizing the political people or political system for the way things are going is not a solution to the problem. Corrective steps and reforms are very much necessary, if we want to see the kind of results we want. So, youth should take active steps towards politics and be a part of the system to, take necessary measures and to change the way system is functioning. We hear many people saying that political system is corrupt, and it is better not to get into it, it is only because of this kind of attitude, that we are seeing the system as it is today. If you want to learn to swim, you need to get into the water and learn, you cannot keep yourself outside and learn and swim.

If you want to change the way political system is functioning today, you need to get into it, and use the system itself to bring about the changes, but if you want to play a safe game, not to get into it, but still wish that things would change by themselves, it is pure mistake. So, youth should change their way of thinking towards politics, and come up and take active part, be a part of the system and bring about reforms and changes that are long waiting, for a better future and for the betterment of the country and its people.


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