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Aug 29, 2012

Violent video games should be banned

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There are many researches, and studies, that have shown, that, what you hear and see and do, have a definite effect on your mind, and influence your behavior patterns to a great extent. Video games of violent nature, tune your mind to find happiness and enjoyment, through violence, by causing harm to somebody or destroying something. This is definitely not a welcome change due the the modern video games, online games, and has its bad effects on the minds of the people, who play them, and look for them as a tool for enjoyment or recreation.

Violence, of any sort, let it be, in the mode of video games alone, is not at all good for the people or for the society, and should not be encouraged. People should always be lead to find happiness and enjoyment by right means, and doing right things. If recreation and enjoyment is what you are looking for, it should always be on the positive side, and should have good and positive effect on you and video games are not good at for kids or children.

There are many brain teasing games, puzzles, and exercises other than video games for the brain to improve it and help it function better, over net, you can use them as tools for enjoyment or recreation, these will help you become better and increase your capabilities and brains functioning towards positive side.

So, it is advisable, and best, to ban violent video games, online games, pc games, which do no good to the people and the society, instead pose dangers and habituate minds, to find happiness by engaging in destructive and harming activities (may be by means of game only).

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  1. A ban on violent games would just make the violence worse