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Aug 22, 2012

Women Entrepreneurship on rise in India

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Press Release

New Delhi: For the past two decades, women in India are playing an increasingly important role then merely being a quiet supportive half of the society. Despite facing financial, social and economic challenges the number of women starting their own businesses is on rise in the country. Federation of Indian Women Entrepreneurs (FIWE) is committed to provide impetus to Indian women entrepreneurs to promote their businesses; increase trade by creating better business environments; and empower them to become voices of change in their communities.

FIWE will host the 12th Global Conference and Exhibition on “Trade Liberalization and its Global Impact on Women Entrepreneurs” from 3rd till 5th September 2012 in New Delhi. The three day event will focus on common issues and challenges facing women owned business and create a networking opportunity to bring rural & urban women entrepreneurs and village artisans together on an interactive platform. Prior to this, FIWE hosted the “7th Global Conference on Women Entrepreneurs” in India in the year 2000, which was attended by more than 900 participants representing 43 countries.

The prestigious “Priyadarshini Awards” will be announced during the conference, felicitating the success of women entrepreneurs who have achieved a mile stone in their respective field of work. Some of the earlier recipients of Priyadarshini Awards are Ms Jennet from Srilanka, Ms Martha Thiller of Indonesia and Shahnaz Hussain of India, who are well known entrepreneurs and role models for the new generation in their respective countries.

According to Dr. Rajni Aggarwal, President, FIWE “Women today are more ambitious, independent and confident. Today we have more women talking about building businesses rather than earning a supplementary income for the household. We at FIWE, provide business counseling, networking opportunities and skill development programs for aspirant women start ups as well as for those interested in growing their business further. We work closely with policymakers to highlight and address the issues pertaining to women entrepreneurs in India”.

The event will connect female founders, CEOs and leaders of high-growth businesses in the world’s developing markets to share best practices and challenges, and to celebrate the impact women-owned businesses have on the global economy. During three days, the participating women will develop business partnerships, go for factory visits and learn best business practices to build their women-owned small and medium enterprises (SMEs). More than 800 delegates are expected to visit the conference and exhibition from all over the world this year.

About FIWE:

Federation of Indian Women Entrepreneurs (FIWE), which is a National-level organization, founded in 1993, is today, one of India’s Premier Institution for Women thoroughly devoted towards Entrepreneurship Development, having a large membership base of 15,000 individual members/professionals and 28 member associations spread throughout the country. The objective of the organization is to foster the Economic Empowerment of Women, particularly the SME segment, by helping them to become successful entrepreneurs and become a part of the mainstream industry.

FIWE endeavors to provide: Networking platform for women, Technical know-how, Industry research & expertise, Skill development & training and brings the businesswomen on a Common Forum; and ensures that their opinions, ideas and visions are collectively and effectively taken up with policy makers and various other agencies respectively for the development of Enterprise in Women.

The organization is a formation of an umbrella group of local organizations around India with a growing member base of 15,000 including those from 28 local affiliated associations in India. Small-Scale entrepreneurs account for approximately 60 percent of FIWE combined membership, with large firms representing 5 percent and micro-enterprises the remainder. Thanks to the distribution on the territory of the target group, FIWE’s activity of assembling and representing business associations and enterprises of All economic sectors, is articulated all India.

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Atul Malikram

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