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Sep 1, 2012

Does the Boarding School System Benefit Students?

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Usually why parents opt for, boarding school system is that, they think the disciplined life style over there and the number of study hours they put in, will help the student to with stand the competition in the education field, and will help him secure ranks. But will this help all the students? Or is this right for every one? Definitely not, each child is different, in his ways of thinking, in his ways of understanding things, communicating; each and every thing about every child is different.

Some children do well in day school, under the guidance of parents and teachers that is enough for them to do well. And there are other kind of children, may be both the parents are working or have no time to care of the child’s needs and studies, can’t pay attention to him, reasons may be many and any for those kind of children if you are opting for a boarding school, it is ok because you have no other option.

But definitely, boarding school is not a option for everyone, because children, especially in school going age, crave and need parental love and attention, and it is but natural to be so, and when they are with parents and experience their love, strictness, some times and corrective steps, do they know what their parents are doing for them. They also develop love and respect towards parents when they are with them and share with them their joys and sorrows, laugh with them and cry with them, this helps to increase the bondage and mutual love between parents and the child.

When children are sent to boarding school, they miss all this, not only them parents also miss the precious moments that they share with child, children grow very fast and it will be up to us parents to see and wonder when they have become big or grown. So, each and every stage of their development and growth is precious and will not come back. It is only these memories and love that children will cherish, when they grow up.

So, to leave them somewhere in a boarding school, just to make them survive in the competitive field, is definitely not a good thing to do, because if studies or education is the only reason to do so, you can educate your children in much better ways when they are with you, you know their feelings, their emotions, and can act according to the need. Scientific studies have shown that children, who experience love and affection from parents and grow in a healthy atmosphere, do well not only in studies, but in all other ways. But, when they are left alone at the mercy of the warden or the principal, there are many instances where children have committed suicide, or have been harassed by the authorities at the boarding school, to an unbearable extent, and this kind of discipline at such tender age is a punishment to them, and frankly speaking we are sucking away life from them, and stealing away their childhood, which they will never get back in life, do we need to do all this just for the sake of competition and ranks? And all this, under the feeling that, we love them and care for their future, do we really love them and care for them? Well, we need to question ourselves.

But as stated earlier, not every one’s life is same, or life’s circumstances are same. But still as parents, we should always try to keep children with us, especially in school going age, and take care of them and look after them, with love and affection.


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