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Sep 19, 2012

Eco Friendly Ganesh Chaturthi

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Ganesh Chaturthi is one of the main festivals celebrated being celebrated in India. Lord Ganesha’s birthday is celebrated as Ganesh Chaturthi, all over India in a huge manner, temporary pendals, are arranged in each locality, and beautifully made Ganesh idols, of various sizes, shapes and varieties, are installed in them and pujas are performed, during the navratris. During this period various kinds of cultural programmes are also organized.

On the final day of the festival or navratris, Ganesh idol is taken through the streets, in a procession, to be immersed in a river. This process is known as Ganesh Visarjan, and this is where the environment is at stake. The immersion of idols made out of chemical materials causes significant level of water pollution. The use of thermo coal, plastic and plaster of Paris, and others increases, biodegradable waste. The toxic waste from these materials kills plant and animal life in the water bodies.

Celebrating, eco friendly Ganesh utsav means celebrating Ganesh utsav without causing harm to the environment and to other living beings. And, the first step towards this is, to use An Ganesh Idol made out of clay, turmeric and natural colours, or idols made out of biodegradable material. We should not use idols made out of chemicals, plaster of Paris, plastic or thermocol. Also, there is lot of wastage of electricity during the festive celebrations, the more the number of pendals the more the decoration with lights and sounds, and that too for a prolonged time, this way there is lot of wastage of electricity.

Natural biodegradable colours can be used for making rangoli instead of chemicals. Natural items like cloth, wood and paper, can be used for decoration instead of thermocol, and there is absolutely no comparison of the decoration done with natural flowers. So, the more the use of these items for decoration, the less will be the harm to the environment. Our love for God should not become a disturbance to others, so, as far as possible the use of huge capacity sound boxes and music systems should be limited to the minimum, we should think of the patients that live in the locality, about the students who are studying, and the general public just like you and me.

Consider these aspects, and share them with your friends and known ones, and become a helping hand in spreading the thought of green Ganesha or eco friendly Ganesh utsav. Think the Good of the others, and the environment, and Ganesha will think of you.

Jai Ganes!


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