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Sep 4, 2012

Voters should be given a choice for 'None of the above'

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Yes, definitely, it is the need of the hour to do so. Because the present situation is, you have given a question to answer, with multiple choice, but with all wrong answers, and there is no, none of the above option, result, though you know that, all are wrong, you are forced to choose the least wrong one, or just leave answering. This is what is happening now, people who are voting are voting either taking money, or on the basis of least corrupt or least crime background people, in the existing list of future politicians and leaders.

Such, is the pitiable condition of the citizens of our country, if this is how the things are definitely there should be an option of none of the above. And only then I believe, there would be some change in the existing scenario. It should be the right of the people, to opt for right things, and right persons and leaders, who can take the nation and its people on the path of progress. If we cannot provide them with the right option the least thing we can do, is not to force or compel them to choose the wrong one or wrong person.

Election commission should definitely look into this matter and consider implementing it, for the good and benefit of the people and the nation. All the crores of rupees that we are spending for elections, all the time and resources we are using to ensure peaceful and right voting, go to vain, if there is no ‘none of the above’ option. Or circumstances should change in a way, that there are right options in the list, and there will never arise a necessity, for the ‘none of the above’ option. Let’s hope so.


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