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Oct 16, 2012

Criticism is Good

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Criticism is a way of correcting people; there are many types of criticism. People who have a intention to do good to others or want to correct them, are the ones who do criticism. Criticism is a corrective step, in our day to day life we may hear criticism from any one, it may be a member from our family, outsider, our well wisher, mentor, or for that matter any one.

There are kinds of Criticism, people who do positive Criticism and people who do negative Criticism. Positive Criticism, helps a person to know his fault, and to correct himself, where as negative Criticism, leads to depression and demotivates a person. Your intention may be right that you want to correct a person and want to put him in a right track. But if you do it in a straight and blunt way, the other person will be hurt, and your purpose will not be survived.

Criticism is a part of life, and as long as we learn to take it positively, for our own benefit, we will not be hurt. It may be from any one in our phases of life we come across many persons and situations, where we hear Criticism, our parents do it with a intention to correct us and to keep us on right track, and because of their love towards us. Our teachers do it, with an intention to correct us. Our bosses do it, so that we become better at work and give our best.

So, no matter who does it, and in what situation. The purpose is always for the good of the criticized, if we remember this we will always progress in life. The fact that there are people who do Criticism just to hurt the other the other one, cannot also be denied, but those kind of people are very few; you need not pay attention to those Criticism. So, Criticism does good to people, if given in a positive way.


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