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Oct 28, 2012

Roots of Happiness

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What ever we do in life, all our aims, ambitions, goals everything revolves around one thing. Happiness, behind everything that we do in life there is one simple reason, we want to be happy. This is not just for one time; we want to be happy always. And so, there is no end for the struggle that we under go, throughout the life, because we just want to be happy forever.

Where is the address of happiness? Well, happiness has a different definition for each person. If happiness lies in one thing all the persons should go after one thing, but it is not so. Some people find happiness in wine, some in food, and some in women. Some people are happy when they achieve high position in career and in life. Some are happy when they posses things they want, some, when they have accumulated all the money they have wanted.

But how long this happiness stays? Till the next desire pops up, the moment you revise your goals, priorities, run starts again. So, happiness lies in our feeling of possessing what we have wanted or in our association with the people we want to be or when we are in a kind of situation we have wanted to be. So, where do the roots of the happiness lie, it lies in our feeling, feeling of being happy.

What most of us tend to think is that when we achieve our big goals, dreams and when we have fulfilled our duties we will be happy, but the reality is not so. If we wait for a time or a situation or a person or a thing to make us happy, we have to keep waiting. Life is too short to keep waiting for things to happen, and when we want big things to happen in our life to make us happy, it takes too long for things to happen and half our life is lost in our pursuit of being happy.

So, the roots of happiness lie in being happy each and every second of our life. No one knows about the next moment. So, we should not depend on outside things for happiness, we should be happy the way we are, and with what we are. Living each moment to its fullest, here lies the root of our happiness. Within ourselves, within our own heart.


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