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Oct 23, 2012

Women: Just an object of enjoyment?

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There has been severe increase in the rate of crime, in the recent years. Especially teenagers committing, severe crimes in the name of love. Acid attacks on girls, cutting the throat of the girl, if she rejects the boy. Raping and murdering three year old girls and sixty year old women. We have been hearing lot of this stuff these days. And it is quite saddening and fearful also.

Some times I really wonder if this is the same India, where, women used to be treated with respect and where elders used to teach their children, that where women are treated with respect, Devatas will be there. The influence of western channels, or drastic changes in the lifestyle, and freedom that is really leading us to dogs. The movies whether bollywood or Hollywood, with no piece of acting but just uncovering the naked facts, Really wonder what to blame and whom to blame for all this.

Recent reports and research have shown that that has been a drastic increase in the crime rate, especially towards the girl child. Father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi said “when a women can move freely in the midnight, without fear, that day we have achieved real freedom” I really feel those days were far better than these days, today we fear sending a three year old girl child outside the house, not in the midnight but in the day light only.

Where is all our culture of treating women next to God gone? When have we started seeing women and even babies, as mere objects of pleasure? Sometimes I really feel, that the older generation, were better than us in matter of morality and values. They might be uneducated, but they treated women with respect. They never even thought of crossing limits in matters of morality and values. These are the things that we should inherit from our elders and older generation. Because these are the real mile stones of progress. Our real progress as humans.


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