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Nov 13, 2012

JUDCon India 2013 is expected to be Bigger and Better

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JUDCon, the International JBoss Users and Developer Conference, and premier JBoss developer event "By Developers, For Developers," is happening in India again. After a huge and successful JUDCon India 2012, JUDCon will again hold on 2013 January 17 & 18th. The conference will be held in Bangalore and it’s expected that JBoss users and developers will be attending the conference in huge as in the last JUDCon. Now for them who are unaware about JUDCon or JBoss, here is a little bit of heads up:

JBoss Application Server is a free software/open-source Java based application server for developing and deploying enterprise Java application, web applications, services and portals. JBoss not only runs or developed on Java but also it implements Java. It’s a cross platform server which runs on any operating system that supports Java. JBoss is developed by JBoss, which is now a part of Red Hat (the biggest open source software developer in the world). Now, JUDCon is a conference and more of a gathering of JBoss users and developers held around the Globe to give JBoss users the chance to talk to and collaborate with leaders in the JBoss community, and to allow the leaders and core developers to learn from and collaborate with end users.

JUDCon India 2012 was the biggest and most successful JUDCon until now, which was a two-day and three track event with valuable sessions and conversations from the experts. The event had more than 800 attendees which include Indian global system integrators, start-ups and individual developers. The upcoming JUDCon will be a two day event with a four track event including:

1. App Servers and App Development,
2. Cloud, NoSQL and Big Data,
3. Rules, Workflow, SOA and EAI, and
4.Other Cool Stuffs.

Papers are called from users and developers to be considered for the JUDCon 2013. With speaking sessions timed up to 60 minutes including 45 minutes presentation and 10-15 minutes of Q&A. People can submit their papers on or before 29 November. As per the success of 2012 JUDCon, it is expected that the upcoming JUDCon will be much more bigger and better. You can check out the photos of JUDCon 2012 India here and if you want to submit papers for JUDCon 2013 then click here .


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