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Nov 20, 2012

Top 15 tips to do great in life [Part 2]

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Watch out your company: There is a saying that goes like this “show me your friends and I will tell you who you are”. This is not just a saying but golden words from someone who has studied life. Always try to keep the company of those people who are more experienced than you in work and life. People who are successful, motivational; who lead life like leaders by helping others and adding value to their life. When you keep the company of such people you have their influence on you and you start to learn from them life’s important lessons.

Never give up: If we compare the lives of people who are successful in their life and are leading an exemplary life with the lives of those who are experiencing failure, there is only one single difference and that is successful people pursue their dreams till they become reality. And people who are experiencing failure in either personal or professional life are those who gave up working for their dreams. Reasons may be any but the end result is same those who work till their dreams become true become successful. So you should never give up as whatever the situation may be and shouldn’t stop until you achieve your dream.

Vision: People who are successful are those who have dreams and vision in life. If we lead life without any motive or purpose then life becomes meaningless. A person with vision is the one who has control over his future as he knows how he wants his future to be and goes in that direction. Vision gives motivation and it helps us becoming better every day to lead life with purpose.

Have faith in yourself: Faith is everything in life whether it is towards God or any other person or ultimately yourself. It is faith that leads people. There is a saying that goes like this “what others say about you is their opinion about you not your worth”. So having faith that there is a purpose in your life and you have all the capabilities to accomplish it is the core aspect.

As every day progresses improve: Some great person has said that if you lead the life the same way as you did yesterday without any improvement or progress in any sphere that is no life. With every passing second and with every passing day, just think what values you’ve added to your life and to the life of those around you. Try to improvise yourself by improving your capabilities in every possible area, because life is meant to improve and to progress.

“Live each day like it’s your last” – Steve Jobs

Watch out for the third part of Top 10 tips to do great in life in tomorrow’s edition.

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