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Nov 15, 2012

True Sense of Women Empowerment

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Women empowerment! We believe that in this country we don’t need to empower women, if at all we intend to do good to women and for that we need to educate men. Because there has been lot of talk about women empowerment and educating women on matters concerning their rights, facilities, education and employment. But when it comes to reality, what’s happening to all that is all we know and thus women empowerment is not progressing at all.

In the empowerment it has only given in return the women only loneliness and disrespect in the society. If women are educated in the matters concerning their welfare and their rights then they will have the thought process to grow in the society. The typical Indian male has to accept the thinking of the modern women mentally and should look forward and say for women empowerment. First I think there is a necessity for us especially in the Indian society, to educate men in the matters of women. They need to get out of the shell of conservative thinking and should not treat women as only a housewife and her life is not meant for herself and that she is born to look after the welfare and the good of the others.

If women are empowered and educated about their freedom and rights, they can stand in the society in level with men and also can help them. But whoever women has achieved such success or steps forward than men, they get stamped as fast and rebellious. Then what is the point in empowering women? We need to educate men, that they should treat their Mothers, Sisters, Wives, and other women in the society as humans with heart and emotions, courage and passion as like them. They need to be taught to respect women, care for their feelings and emotions and treat them as one half of the society and then only we can mean true women empowerment. Now-days women entrepreneurs are increasing in India and which witnesses the women empowerment.

If women need to live life to the fullest, then we need to educate men in our society. Women should not be seen as mere objects of pleasure or some kind of machines to make our life convenient and comfortable. The day the thinking of the men towards women changes, I believe there will be no necessity for women empowerment.


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