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Nov 5, 2012

What Matters in Life? Practical Knowledge or Theory

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Many of the times in life we learn in life by reading, reading during student life, reading about the life of great people when we become young. But most of the life’s valuable lessons and unforgettable lessons we learn only from experience. What we may read we may forget, but what we learn from experience lives with us till our last breath. It not only helps us to go-ahead with life it even helps other to learn, when we share our experiences with others.

Reading helps us to gain knowledge, like to know that when you put your hands into fire you hands will get burnt, is a universal truth, it will not change for you or for others, such things you can learn by the experience of others, or the knowledge that we gain from our family and parents.

There is nothing to experiment about it you just have to follow it. There are other things in life where in your own experience in life makes you learn what is right for you and what is not. Because not every one’s life experiences or situations are same in that case what you read may help you, but practical knowledge gives you better idea.

When you want to choose a profession don’t just get into it, because of money, go see the work place experience it talk to people who are doing the work, then decide if it is good for you.

You cannot learn everything anything about life, from books, or by gaining knowledge, what are books? Books are some persons experiences passed on to us, so that we may benefit from it. You don’t always need to learn everything in life by experimenting and by trial and error method, because in that case all life will go in experiments itself.

We have to know where we need to have theoretical knowledge and in which cases or situations you need practical knowledge. Knowing this will turn each moment of your life useful and productive.


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