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Dec 27, 2012

IPL franchisees to pay Players in Rupees instead of Dollars

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Indian Premier League’s (IPL) team players' three years'contracts will end in 2014 and a new auction will be held. As per the statement of one BCCI official, IPL team owners are sought to auction for players, whether Indian or foreign, in rupees instead of dollars. BCCI also seems to agree with the suggestion.

Due to the fluctuating prices of Dollar, it has been a headache for IPL team owners while paying to the players. When IPL started in 2008, players are auctioned with 40 rupees a dollar. As now the rupee has fallen unexpectedly down and also fluctuating very much, it has been reported that IPL owners will be auctioning with Rupees. Some of the foreign players don’t take wages in rupees and prefer dollars. So the auction in 2014 may go with rupees while the in next year’s IPL, players will be paid with dollars.

Apart from that there is also one suggestion from an IPL franchisee to fix a minimum sponsorship rate for each team, so that it can help them to retain the team’s financial health. As the above reports are not confirmed yet, we really doubt what will be the reaction of foreign players to the dollar-rupee shift.

1 comment:

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