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Dec 19, 2012

Quota in Promotions Bill: An Overview

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The Quota in Promotions Bill will be tabled in Lok Sabha today; the bill was passed in Rajya Sabha on Monday with clear majority.

It is also speculated that, the bill may be passed in Lok Sabha, as only Samajwadi party has been opposing the bill.

It is political correct to give reservation to SC and SC through 117th constitutional amendment since there is question of vote bank and political parties to set their ground for 2014 general elections.

The Samajwadi Party has been opposing the bill terming that it would hurt the sentiments of Muslim and other backward voters, and that is fact indeed.

Government employees belong to SC and ST will get reservation in promotion. The reservation in promotion bill advocates for 22.5 per cent quota for ST and SC government employee in promotion.

The quota of ST government employee is set at 15 per cent while 7.5 per cent quote is for SC government employees with effect from 1995.

The bill will give some millage to Congress party in getting ST and SC voters in the election to be held in 2014. This move will help to improve backward vote bank for the party.


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